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Biography of Talmadge R. England

Talmadge R. England-Resume-

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, Physics minor, U. of Wisconsin, 1969; MS Physics, math minor, U. of Pittsburgh, 1962; BS Physics, math, Lincoln Memorial U. 1956

MILITARY; US Navy 1945-1946


Staff member Theoretical Division, Nuclear Theory Applications Group (T-2), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM (Assoc. Staff Member, 2/91, same group)

1956—72: Junior/senior scientist in physics groups for analysis and methods development at the Westinghouse Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory, Pittsburgh, Pa. Primary work for three Projects: Shippingport (first commercial reactor), Light Water Breeder (first LWBR reactor), and Advanced Submarine Reactor (on leave of absence, U. of Wisconsin, 1967-69).

HONORS/AWARDS; Class Salutatorian 1956; Three minor awards as Best Student in Mathematics, Physics, and English Composition; Joint US AEC-Westinghouse Fellowship for graduate studies in Physics, 1956-62; Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory's nomination for Lamme Fellowship, 1965; AEC Traineeship U. of Wisconsin, 1967-69; Marquis Who's Who, 1986--current(?); SOCIETIES (CURRENT MEMBERSHIP); American Nuclear Society (ANS) (Emeritus); Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) (life member); American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (Emeritus); Sigma Chi (Emeritus)

NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEES; Two year appointment to National US DOE; Committee to Define US; Nuclear Data Needs; US Evaluated Nuclear Data base (ENDF), maintained at Brookhaven National Laboratory: 1) Member of Cross Section Evaluation Group (CSEWG); 2) Chairman Fission Product Yields Subcommittee of CSEWG.; 3) Chairman of Yields and Decay Data Subcommittee (in 1989, the decay data was added to the yields subcommittee) 4) International Committee Group 6 for Delayed Neutron Data, CEN, Saclay, France [US member appointed 1989 when six international groups were formed for global evaluations]

American Nuclear Society Committees: 1) Member Physics Data Standards, ANS19; 2) Secretary of standard for Decay Power Working Group, ANS5.1; 3) Chairman Fission Product Yields Standard Working Group, ANS19.8; 4) Member Delayed Neutron Parameters Working Group, ANS19.9 (Chairman, 1989-1992)

International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria (IAEA), Chief of US Research of Coordinated Research Committee for ``Fission Product Yields Evaluation Methods and Data."

PUBLICATIONS: Approximately 200 to 1995, most being related to nuclear data theory, evaluations and applications; most were invited papers at various national and international meetings.


* Developed theory of power spatial oscillations in nuclear reactors.

* Designed first nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer to operate at UHF frequencies.

* Developed theory and corresponding computer code to describe nuclide generation and transmutation in nuclear reactors and accelerators.

* Published first predictions of parasitic absorption and decay power in nuclear reactors based on nuclide data. (Developed the CINDER computer code which is still used as the industry standard since 1960.)

* Provided first content in temporal radioactive fallout from fission pulses.

* Predicted beta spectra trapped in earth's magnetic field for USAF.

* Provided Presidential Commission on Three Mile Island Accident with calculations of radioactive materials content, and also provided similar information to US NRC for the Chernobyl accident in Russia.

* Produced first direct theoretical calculations of delayed neutron values and spectra (now included in US evaluated nuclear data files).

* US Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI): provided all decay spectra from pulse fission for use in designs. (Popularly known as "star wars")

* Provided first theoretical calculations of photoneutron production (needed in reactor startup for nuclear submarines).

* Evaluation of decay data and fission product yields, including aggregate delayed neutron data, for the US Data Base has required nearly a decade (completed in 1994): this effort has received global recognition, resulting in continuing national and international collaborations. It is a major personal achievement.


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